Where Did the Termites in my Home Come From?

Termites soldierIf you want to get rid of your termite infestation, then you first need to understand how they got into your home. You can always seek the help of an expert by clicking here so that they can help you understand your pest situation, but doing preliminary research would be good too.

Termites don’t need a lot in order to survive, they only need some form of cellulose (namely wood), warmth and moisture. Our homes usually provide them with all of this. If you don’t think that you have a lot of wood in your home then you’ll find that they can live in the basement, your attic and even in the beams that you have supporting your ceiling. If you have puddles near the foundation of your home, or if you have an air conditioning unit that creates run-off moisture then this can offer more than enough moisture for them to thrive.

Subterranean Entry Points

Subterranean termites live underground and they normally enter homes at the ground level or lower. They can build tubes out of mud and they can also enter through any wood-to-ground contact areas that you have. This includes your door and doorframe, the posts on your decking and even your porch steps as well. They can easily squeeze through any cracks that you have in your foundation and they can also travel through holes and chips in concrete blocks.

Dry Wood Entry Points

Dry wood termites begin when swarmers create a device in your home. They then dig out a nest and settle inside. They produce eggs and this helps them to start off their colony. Within a couple of years, this colony will then grow to the point where they can cause serious wood damage. The problem with these termites is that they can enter your property on any floor and they don’t need a wood-to-ground entry point. Maintenance is crucial with these types of termites and you also need to make sure that you take measures to keep the wood that you do have stored away in a shed or in a storage facility. If you leave it out in the rain, this provides an ample living space for dry wood termites.

So as you can see, termites can gain access to your home through your door, window and anywhere else. They are incredibly clever and they can transverse over long distances as well. The best way for you to get rid of the termites that are in your home is for you to call in a pest control expert. When you do this, you can easily find out how they are gaining access into your home. You may need to cover up the vents in your home and get any tree stumps and wood piles removed, but if you do this then your infestation should be brought back under control. DIY methods are not entirely recommended with termites, due to their resilience and this is especially the case if they have already found their way into your home. If you have a serious infestation, you can apply some pesticide to keep the situation under control while you wait for your professional to come out to your home.


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