How Long do Solar Panels Last?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when preparing to convert your home to solar energy, or even when supplementing your traditional power source with something greener, sustainable, and most importantly independent.  You need to think about the best place to put them, the cost of investment, connecting your system to the power grid, and just how big of a system you’re going to wind up needing.  Part of the answer to how long do solar panels last, is taking a few steps to making sure they’re kept up. The leading solar panel installation company in Perth, Australia , Best Solar Panels Perth recommend that you do two things to improve the lifespan of your panels

Two things to improve your Solar Panels lifespan

  • Clean your Panel Regularly
  • Have regular maintenance performed

Cleaning your panels can improve their lifespan and efficiency

Part of the answer to this question centers on how well you take care of your equipment. In the most basic concept, a layer of dust gathered on your panels can have a seriously negative impact on how well that equipment performs.  Even a thin layer of dust will cause the incoming electricity to be deflected or absorbed by that dust, reducing your energy output by as much as 40% with even a thin coating.  The more dust on the panel, the worse it’s going to get.  There are other problems that can occur as well, which will make you want to take care with how you clean those panels.  How long do solar panels last can be improved by taking care with them when cleaning.  Dust is abrasive, and can scratch up the surface of the glass on your panels.  The scratches will also serve to deflect and scatter the incoming sun, and that in turn will result in less light getting to your cells.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping the juice flowing

So how long do solar panels last? Just like any other equipment, especially specialized equipment built on the back of sophisticated technology, regular maintenance is essential to keeping it in peak condition.  The basic panel can best be tended to with simple cleaning as mentioned above, but there are a couple of other components that need to be looked into.  The Inverter is what transfers power from DC to AC, and makes it usable by most traditional power systems, including our homes and the power grid.  If the inverter isn’t performing at peak efficiency, you’re going to start seeing a drop off in how much power makes it through the system.

The next piece to take a look at is your solar tracker, the device that tracks the sun across the sky and adjusts your solar panels facing to make sure it’s taking in the most amount of sunshine.  This device makes certain that your panels are working at peak efficiency, bringing you the maximum amount of power possible.  If this unit breaks down, you’ll start seeing a drop off in the amount of energy you get throughout the day.  A sure sign of this is if you’re seeing a decline during specific portions of the day, with a spike during others.  Chances are you’re seeing the time when the sun is hitting the panel straight on.

How long do solar panels last with proper maintenance? With time and maintenance you’ll be looking at a lifespan of well over 25 years.  During the first year you’re going to see a decline of about 3%, with .5% every year thereafter.  The 25 year warranty most solar panels come with are there because that’s the point they drop below 80% efficiency, as a rule.  But with the tips you can make sure your solar system lasts for years to come. Find out more here


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